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The Weekly Standard Confab

Aug 26, 2017

Fred Barnes joins host Eric Felten to talk about the new campaign book "Devil's Bargain." Ethan Epstein comes by to urge Republicans to reach out to African-American voters rather than just trying to discourage them.

Aug 20, 2017

Michael Warren talks about the terrible week in Trump. John Yoo tells us what new technologies mean for the rules of war.​

Aug 12, 2017

Andy Ferguson takes us back 50 years to the Summer of Love. Fred Barnes tells us about a fight over billions of dollars in federal money for New York tunnels and train stations.​

Aug 5, 2017

Fred Barnes asks what we learned about Obamacare's skyrocketing premiums from the Senate healthcare-legislation fiasco. And then John McCormack talks about how the legislative wreckage of repeal and replace may still provide a vehicle for defunding Planned Parenthood.